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Asun Paper Company - Christmas World Exhibition in Frankfurt Germany

Asun Paper Company - Christmas World Exhibition in Frankfurt Germany


——Story of Supervisor’s Visa

“Good afternoon, May I ask if I can get my visa, my name is...”

The conversation of our supervisor arose again and again, I couldn’t help frowning, our boarding is tonight 10:00PM, the time now is 1:50pm,even if our supervisor’s visa is ready, does he fly to Guangzhou to get it, there are 480kilograms from here to Guangzhou, it is so difficult to boarding, how fast on earth he will be, like the Liu Xiang? So amazing... I can not continue to think...


 Soon, our supervisor hurried drive car to Guangzhou. The time passed by a minute and a second, and we are waiting in office...

There is an old Chinese saying, "Nothing is difficult to a willing heart !". Our supervisor got his visa and I and our colleagues are smoothly fly to our destination: Frankfurt, Germany.

 —— Beautiful Frankfurt, Germany

Germany is the fourth biggest economy in the world, and Frankfurt is the fifth biggest city in Germany, it is an important commercial industry  and the centre of transportation of Europe, the frankfurt located in the western German state of Hesse, in the central Rhine tributary of the Rhine River downstream.


     January in Frankfurt, Germany is quite cold, and falling the small snow flowers times by times on those clear road. It seems to cherry for the Christmas World Exhibition, soon, the houses top and many trees are covered thin white snow.


     This is my first time to Frankfurt in Germany, surely, I can not miss all of these beautiful scene, I can’t help but take out my mobile phone to take these beautiful scenery as a good memory in the future.


     People often says: Each place has its streams in from all over the country. I wonder: if the girls here are same as these beautiful snow?



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