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Everything You Need To Know About Paper Rope

Everything You Need To Know About Paper Rope


The origins of rope date back to the earliest days of human civilization. Back in those days, people used to make rope out of almost anything they found to have the strength to do the job. Ropes were made out of date fibers, grass, leather and sometimes animal hair too. Then times began to change. Human needs and other factors made it necessary that ropes be made from other materials too. Although ropes are still made from plant fibers, the more common variety is forged from plastic. The more recent materials which have been used to manufacture ropes include nylon, hemp, sisal and paper. Every material has its own pros and cons. Today, we are going to focus on paper and tell you everything there is to know about it.


What is paper rope?

Paper rope, also known as rush or wicker, is a fiber which is made from chemically treated kraft paper. This is a brown wrapping paper which is originally stronger than ordinary paper. Using kraft paper is preferred because it is already quite rigid. Using the right materials increases the tensile strength and flexibility of the rope it is used to make. Paper rope was first introduced in the USA around 1904 when it was used to make furniture. If you ever come across wicker furniture, know that it contributed towards the development of paper rope. In the late 1800s, an embargo by the US on import of rattan and reed, the materials originally used to produce wicker furniture, meant that an alternate was needed.

The solution which industry experts came up with was paper rope. As a material which was easily engineered and relatively hassle-free to work with, paper rope quickly became the product of choice. Paper rope has since triggered a long chain of derivatives that benefit a variety of industries in ways which are productive and simple.



The manufacture of paper rope first began in the early 1900s. This is the time which is attributed as having led to the introduction of this product. Since the first use of paper rope ever found was in the manufacture of furniture, it was necessary that it have the ability to withstand weights which chairs and other materials normally do. This is why in the manufacture of paper rope, this element is given high priority. It is a man-made product where the focus on its final properties begins when the paper is still in pulp form. This initial mixture undergoes sizing and treatment with glue to make it firm. This also provides the rope with the capacity to bear more weight than paper normally would.


Today, paper rope is used in many different industries. It has countless uses where the forces which it bears are much larger than what furniture has to deal with. Modern techniques and specifically formulated chemicals have made this possible. Initially, the Americans were the sole manufacturers of this product but now China is quickly taking over. The companies here supply a major chunk of paper rope being utilized around the world.

Available varieties

Paper rope is not used just in the manufacture of wicker furniture anymore. We’ll dive deeper into the applications for this product later on but it is important to highlight these so that we can understand other aspects of it. The purposes and uses which paper rope serves in industries nowadays, require that there be varieties of the product available as raw materials. Paper rope is currently available as a single strand, multi-strand and even copper core versions. The multi-strand paper rope can have a minimum of two strands going up to several depending on individual client requirements. There are paper rope manufacturing facilities which can produce this product based on what the business ordering them might need to do with them.


The iron core versions of paper ropes can help conduct electricity so it comes in handy for things like using inside lamps etc. The standard diameter for a paper rope begins at 0.1 mm. This can also change based on customer requirements. Companies can manufacture ropes with a diameter of up to 10 mm. There are other variations in length, color and size etc. which are manufactured.


There has already been a little discussion about customization options which paper rope manufacturers can offer. This includes the variations in strands because they can be in line with what a customer wants. The change in other parameters like length and diameter are all customizations. Since paper rope can be tailor made according to specifications, its use is preferred by many business sectors. Businesses and other organizations looking to buy paper ropes for use as raw materials in their products have several options. Besides the strands, size and length, they can also choose what kind of core they would like the rope to have. There are plastic as well as paper cores. The quality of paper is another choice which people can make. Then there are the metal cores too.


Paper rope manufacturers also offer color customizations. These are extensive when it comes the one which a customer needs their rope to be. Multiple colors can also be applied to the same piece. These are options which allow paper ropes to come in handy as decorative items and for use in products like hand bags etc.Customizations are distinguishing factors for many businesses in the modern age. With the amount of options that paper ropes offer, companies can utilize them to create products which target niche audiences. Moreover, the customer themselves can also pick and choose for how they would require the final product to look like.  



Paper ropes were introduced as an alternative for a material which was becoming scarcely available. Soon, it became the medium of choice for not only wicket furniture manufacturers but many other industries too. The reason behind this are the benefits which it offers to businesses. Here are some of them:Cost-effective: In contrast to different types of plastics, nylon and other materials, paper is easier and cheaper to procure as a raw material. This means that paper ropes cost less and help businesses cut operational costs,

Tension and elasticity: Despite many people having reservations about a material like paper being able to do the job of plastic, it is certainly up to the task. Although paper ropes are used in places where there is much less stress on them but they still hold quite well in terms of flexibility and strength,

Environment friendly: Paper ropes are the only type of this product which are biodegradable. This makes them less harmful to the environment and today, this is the most important thing for companies to consider.

Customizations: Customers love and appreciate when they can change some or all the details of a product which they are buying. In paper this is possible so this becomes another benefit for it.

Other advantages of paper ropes are also that they are light-weight yet durable at the same time. They offer roughly the same benefits as conventional rope minus a few drawbacks.



Paper ropes are versatile products and their integration into a variety of things proves that. The biggest industry where paper ropes find application is gifts. Companies use paper ropes to make handles for gift bags, boxes, handbags and other decoration elements too. Not only do these ropes add beauty to the product but they also give it an eco-friendly perspective.

Paper rope is also being utilized as raw materials for the textile, apparel, toys and candle manufacturing sectors among several others. Paper ropes are used to make design labels, bag handles, candle cores are hundreds of other products too. The furniture industry also still relies on paper ropes. Despite the modernization and acquisition of technologies, wicker furniture is still produced using paper ropes. It offers several benefits to the industries in which it is used, this is why most companies have taken it upon themselves to use paper ropes instilled. Paper ropes can also be used to make clothes and other decorative materials for boxes etc.


The importance of using paper products

Waste management and environment preservation are two of the hottest topics on the planet these days. As inhabitants of Earth, we have spent hundreds of years carelessly exploiting the resources available. Now the balance and existence of the planet have come to a precarious point where everyone is in a state of panic.

In the midst of all this, people are still trying desperately to find solutions to the problems we face. From all the products which humans have created, plastics have been the most detrimental to the environment. Not only do they contribute to the deaths of other living organisms like animals, birds and marine creatures, they also remain in the atmosphere without decomposing.This is why paper substitutes are pitched and being accepted into the economy so rapidly. Paper serves as a viable alternative for shopping bags, wrapping materials and several other products that would otherwise add to the burden of waste which is accumulating on Earth and not going anywhere. Paper decomposes leaving no traces of its existence after a few weeks in the ground.  


Other innovative paper products now available

Ropes serve as raw materials which businesses use in their products. However, they are not the only paper products now available to make operations simpler. Each paper product beyond simple hand bags is a unique development in the industry. Other items which are made from paper are becoming widely acceptable for socially aware companies. Some examples of paper products which are in the store include braided paper twines, cloth, cords, ribbon, straps and webbing etc. All these products have their own unique and interesting utilization. This depends vastly on the industry where they are being put into action. Paper ropes stand out among this bunch because it has found the most traction from businesses in the region.

We refer to these paper products as innovative because, not only do they use sophisticated methods and technologies to reduce the burden on the environment, they also help bring down costs for the organization. The ease with which paper products are available makes them less expensive to plastics especially well used in bulk quantities.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Paper rope is something which people especially end consumers have not heard about before. Some companies also share similar perspectives about these products too. As such there are several questions which come to mind when discussing paper ropes. Here are some frequently asked questions that have found their way on to the Internet.


How much weight can a paper rope support?

Paper ropes have not yet come to the point where they can support as much weight as conventional products. The plastic versions have more strength but paper ropes are installed in wicker furniture. These chairs can hold even the heaviest of people. The exact figures for how much weight a paper rope can support are not available but we have a good idea. Judging form its applications, paper rope can take the weight on all kinds of gift items including toys. The bags that are given paper rope handles are sold for all kinds and weights of parcel carrying.



Does the use of paper products also offer commercial benefits?

Companies that make use of paper products in general and ropes in particular are seen as socially responsible. This is something that customers value a lot. Businesses which think about the society as a whole and works towards the betterment of all life on the planet, hold higher regard in the minds of the consumers. In a market where there is extensive competition, buyers don’t just look at product quality but also at things like Corporate Social Responsibility. This include charitable work and other initiatives which a company undertakes besides just selling things and making money.



What should I look for when buying high quality paper rope?

There are a number of things which make a quality product. First and foremost is the tensile strength and durability of the product. It is important to inspect the paper rope first hand before purchase. The customizations are another thing that will help you determine whether to buy a paper rope or not. If you are doing research about a vendor online, make sure you go through as many customer reviews as you can find. These are one of the most effective ways to get an idea about what the company is selling and how good it is. If you can find someone within your circle who has used the paper rope themselves, that would be even better.

We integrated these FAQs into this article in order to allow the reader to have access to a significant chunk of useful information at one place. With these answers here and the ability to ask more conveniently, users have more practicality and processes are streamlined.



Paper rope is a strong, eco-friendly and customizable alternative to conventional ones. It is used in handbags, candle cores, fabrics and a lot more besides due to the fact that it offers enormous benefits. All in way, paper ropes are changing many industries and their operations.

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