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How about the management mechanism of Asun?
Asun Paper Co., Ltd. has successfully established and perfected the management mechanism. We adopt incentive mechanism to create a relaxed and passionate working atmosphere to motivate staff to play the main impetus role for the development of the company. As a focus to keep company competitive in the industry, mature management mechanism set up by the company plays an important role in guaranteeing the strict production procedure of cotton twine .

Specializing in developing and manufacturing of paper twist, Asun Paper Company seizes opportunities, meets challenges, and finally stands out in the market. According to the material, Asun Paper Company's products are divided into several categories, and paper yarn is one of them. Asun Paper Company wired paper cord aligns with SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in production process. The product has a wide scope of applications. With the screen protection, the product is highly reliable in use. It is extremely resistant to shock when it is dropped on the ground thanks to the protection from screen. It can bear a strong tensile force.

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