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How did the partners speak of Asun?
The business partners including material suppliers and product purchasers all speak highly of Asun Paper Co., Ltd.. We offer assistance during the material test and make payment to material suppliers on time. The goods delivery is scheduled and is in order, making sure the on-time delivery and goods in good conditions.

Asun Paper Company has many years of comprehensive experience in designing and manufacturing paper bag handle rope. We have the best knowledge base and highly acclaimed customer service. According to the material, Asun Paper Company's products are divided into several categories, and cord paper is one of them. The product helps attract attention for the shelf, instill confidence among buyers, identify the item or brand, and differentiate it from the competition. The product is characterized by light weight and variety. Asun Paper Company has always been guided by market demand and has continuously developed high-tech products that satisfy its customers. Being durable in use, the product performs very well in many activities.

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