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How many people in Asun R&D department?
In Asun Paper Co., Ltd., the number of employees in the R&D department makes up at least 20% of the total. R&D differs from most corporate activities in that it is not intended to generate immediate profits, but often leads to greater risk and uncertain return on investment. This is a secret message for us. We spent years developing new services or products and improving existing services or products.

Asun Paper Company, known as a highly responsible enterprise, is taking effort to promote itself to a higher degree in the manufacturing of twisted paper products. According to the material, Asun Paper Company's products are divided into several categories, and paper cloth is one of them. The product plays a key marketing role in developing of shelf appeal, providing item information and establishing brand image and awareness. The product will not be affected by heat and light. Asun Paper Company offers affordable premium prices for paper bag clothing as well as excellent service experience. It is recyclable and degradable, which prevents the polution.

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