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The integrated paper rope from Asun is made of a kind of paper materials that is soft to touch and is uniform in thickness. It has a diameter of 0.1 mm or more. There are fewer joints in its production process due to its special smooth quality, so there will be no knotting issues occurring in the manufacturing process, which greatly contributes to production efficiency. The surface of the paper material is smooth and highly exquisite. It has excellent tensile properties and looks very high-end. Therefore, it is very suitable for being used for high-end gift wrapping handbags, handbags, cosmetic boxes, paper bags, etc.

The product is a versatile paper rope. It has a wide range of applications and is commonly used in home textiles, clothing accessories, toys and so on. For example, it can be used as a label rope, a paper handle, a candle core rope, a flat paper cord handle, a paper rope with plastics or a fine paper core. And it can also be used as a high-end paper core. We offer single-strand paper ropes and multi-strand paper ropes. We also have iron core paper ropes. If customers request color customization services, they only need to tell us the Pantone color they want, and we will try our best to meet their requirements.

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