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Is Asun a trading company or a factory?
With a continuing pursuit of becoming the leading enterprise on earth, Asun Paper Co., Ltd. is a well-recognized twine walmart manufacturer. It has a large-scale factory to perform production. It is equipped with highly advanced machines to guarantee far better production. With advanced equipment, it is able to provide the products with high cost-performance ratio you want.

Asun Paper Company is an excellent manufacturer integrating development, design, production, and sales of cloth paper. We are a well-known brand in this industry in China. According to the material, Asun Paper Company's products are divided into several categories, and paper string bag is one of them. Asun Paper Company twisted paper yarn is manufactured under standardized production conditions. It is noted for its good breathability. The product serves a number of key functions. It gets the consumer to notice or see the commodity, communicating marketing information, stimulating or creating brand impressions. The product leads to a fashion trend.

our company always keeps the true needs of customers in mind and works hard toward it. Check it!
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