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Is Asun priced high?
The price of Asun Paper Co., Ltd. is set reasonably. It is in line with production costs, market positioning, competition, market conditions, brand and product quality. This brand is very important. Great investment is made in research and development, manufacturing, quality management, etc. The brand is considered to satisfy most users.

Asun Paper Company is based in the Republic of China and manufactures innovative, high quality paper twine. We have solid production experience. According to the material, Asun Paper Company's products are divided into several categories, and paper string bag is one of them. Asun Paper Company twisted paper yarn follows the strict production process and quality inspection. It is a highly environmentally friendly product. Orders are placed at the fastest and most reasonable time at our team. Being durable in use, the product performs very well in many activities.

Sustainable development for our company is what we are striving for. Welcome to visit our factory!
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