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The knitted paper cord that is designed by Asun can be effectively used as a paper handle for the paper bag or to tie up shoes, craftwork gifts, pendant light and led lamps and the home textile and so on. The paper rope has a soft and comfortable hand feeling. We provide two styles of this rope, which are the hollow knitted paper cord and the knitted paper cord with the core. The core one is normally stronger than the hollow one and can be used to tie up shoes. And in the aspect of the shape, we offer the flat and the round knitted paper cord, and we can customize the shape as per customers' requirements.   

It is a multifunctional rope with good flexibility and strong impact strength. Our knitted paper rope is available in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted in the aspect of diameter and length according to customers’ application. It is made of natural fiber, which is light in weight and has high tensile strength and high performance. We guarantee that we can provide customers with a high-quality knitted paper cord with high reliability and long service life.

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