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The latest pure wood pulp yarn material

The latest pure wood pulp yarn material


Paper yarn can be environmentally friendly alternative to cotton and oil-based synthetic fibers. It is amazingly durable material, no hazardous substances are emitted from the manufacturing process and paper yarn can be a part of an environmentally friendly cycle, easily recycled or disposed of as they are fully biodegradable

Paper yarn is easy to work with and can be fashioned in many ways to create beautiful objects for any living space,and offer unlimited inspiration and possibilities. Using a variety of techniques from knitting and braiding to weaving and sewing, paper yarn is widely used in they are washable, lightweight, and come in a wide range of colors. They can be widely use in crafts, Paper Bags, Toys, jewelry,Woven Furniture, Carpets, Mats, Curtains, and Wallpaper, Garment Accessories, Shoe Materials and Textile products etc.
It offers you endless possibilities and inspiration for any designs.


Regular specs:  0.2mm(20-21Nm/1) ,0.25mm(16Nm/1), 0.3mm(12Nm/1),0.4mm (8-9Nm/1)
0.7mm(12-13Nm/1), 1.0mm(8-9Nm/1), 1.5mm(8-9Nm/1),2.0mm(5-6Nm/1)
Regular color:  Original white, and more than 90 colors available in Asun’ s color chart. Also accept customized.

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