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The environmentally-friendly hollow or core woven paper rope designed and developed by Asun has a wide range of applications. It is commonly used as a paper handle and can be used in shoes, craft gifts, chandeliers and led lights and home textiles. Its color includes pink, red and white and can be offered with customization service. We offer a wide range of paper ropes of bright colors that are ideal for the user's handmade work and original DIY design projects including weddings, activity site and interior decoration. It is also very suitable for craft packaging.

It is characterized by a soft and comfortable hand feeling. Its patterns and shapes are beautiful and refined. The rope is available in a variety of styles, including hollow and core styles. Thanks to its coil design, it is very convenient to use. It is endowed with portability due to its lightweight design with perfect thickness. The hollow and inner core has a diameter of 3.0-6.5 mm. The regular width of the rope with the flat shape is 8-40mm. The product is made from very natural and non-additive paper materials and contains no irritating chemicals. Our ropes are soft and can be easily applied to an automatic paper bag machine.

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