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The braided paper twine made by Asun has a strong carrying capacity. The diameter of the woven paper twine is 1.6 mm or more. It can be applied to such application as home textile decoration and chandelier hanging and can be used as a led cord, a paper handle, clothing accessories or shoelaces. Its advantage is its strong tightness and sturdiness. Currently, we offer two shapes of paper twines including the round and flat shape. And we also offer both hollow and solid braided ropes. Moreover, in order to meet customers’ requirements, we can customize the paper twine for them. For example, the braided paper twine can be made in the style of rolls, wheels or with plastic/iron barbs.

The production process is non-polluting and the rope is easy to recycle and degrade. The hollow and flat knit paper rope is very soft and elastic and it t is ideal for manual knotting. And it can be perfectly compatible with the automatic paper bag machining. Its tensile strength and load-bearing capacity are excellent. Therefore, it is very durable. Moreover, the product is tender to the skin and features excellent texture and softness. Its biggest advantage is its lint-free performance.

The product is widely used in the packaging, textiles, clothing accessories, home textiles, bags, shoes, hats, carpets, crafts, toys and so on.

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