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Paper cloth bag

The paper cloth bag made by Asun is useful and durable to use. This bag is characterized by strong tensile strength, tear resistance and excellent waterproof performance. It also has the advantage of high strength and large elongation factor. Moreover, the bag has high mechanical strength and can be repeatedly used, and it has excellent air permeability, acid and alkali resistance and is harmless to the human body. It is a new type of environmentally-friendly material that is breathable, flexible, non-toxic, non-irritating, and colorful. It is dyed with a stock solution and does not fade. It features a unique closing-in design and a drawstring design for safer storage, and it can be tightened or loosened by a drawstring to prevent the loss of items. The bag is very suitable for being carried out and is convenient to use.

We also offer a zippered paper bag for better holding important items. The design also adds a sense of fashion to the bag. It has a wide range of application and its size is ideal for storing seeds, coffee beans, coins, candy, gifts, snacks, coins, toys, jewelry, keys and other small items that users want to carry. Also, the surface of the bag is free of scratches and is not easily soiled.

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