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The paper handle designed by Asun is made from the paper yarn, paper knit paper rope or single paper rope. We have expanded our range of paper materials. For example, we employ used braided paper twine to make paper handles in order to save resources and protect the environment. In this way, we can also save costs for our customers. It is often used as a handle for delicate paper bags. The handle is very strong and has good stretchability as well as high load carrying capacity. The texture of this paper handle is very fine and the thickness is fairly uniform. Therefore, it can hold very heavy things and its strength is quite amazing.

It is ergonomically designed to ensure a soft and comfortable grip experience. This product is very useful for users to save efforts due to their perfect labor-saving design. It is also very artistic and looks very elegant and stylish. It is often used in high-end shopping bags. It is available in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, red, green, black, etc. and can be offered with Pantone printing. Paper handles made of kraft paper are also available in Asun. Moreover, the product is easy to recycle and decompose so it is very environmentally friendly.

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