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The paper net bag from Asun is totally handmade and can be made from paper yarn, knitted paper rope, or single twist paper rope. Therefore, it is made from 100% paper and is manufactured in a sturdy and durable style. It is also increasingly popular due to its environmentally-friendly paper materials and exquisite handcrafted appearance. The bag has the advantages of dust resistance and durability, and it is more refined and fashionable.

We offer a paper mesh bag that is suitable for being carried on the elbow or shoulder. It is made of strong paper materials for ensuring reliable carrying. Now it has become a perfect replacement for plastic bags since it can be also be reused for multiple times yet is more cost effective. It's extremely lightweight and foldable and can be folded in any shape and size. Therefore, it has strong portability for outdoor use. Moreover, its extra thick handles make the shoulders enjoy more comfort.

Since the paper net bag is more spacious, it has a wide range of applications. It is ideal for picnics, schools, etc. It can be used for shopping, storage, transportation, and washing of small items. The bag can also be used to hold children's beach toys ensuring no sand left in it.

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