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Made from 100% paper, the paper Raffia made by Asun is ideal for packaging exquisite crafts. It can be used to decorate gifts, woven items or other DIY products. Also, its color is vivid so that it is perfect for Christmas decorations. This ribbon is ideal for hanging some beautiful decorations, such as colored flags, tassels, and even Christmas chips to decorate users’ bed and dining table, etc. These Raffia can be used to fill the gift box or bag to add a natural sense. This product is perfect for boxed gift packaging and decoration. Packaging tape is often used with these papers to show more beauty and style.

It is also often used for special day decorations such as Christmas, birthday or wedding anniversary. We are able to offer different shapes of paper raffia including the egg shape, spherical shape, etc.

The paper strip is long enough for the user to cut freely. It is widely used for hanging the clothes tag. With just a pair of scissors, the user can cut the strip to whatever length they want. It can be rolled into a coil for easy use. We have over 90 colors to choose from.

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