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Asun is committed to making the best paper strap that is commonly used in the home textiles industry. The paper strap can be mixed with other paper tapes with different colors according to the user's preference. It has a wide range of applications and can be used as a paper handle, a flat paper rope handle, a plastic paper rope or a fine paper core. This product can be supplied with Pantone printing and its color is customizable. It is a very rugged paper strap with excellent performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. It performs well in both the harsh workplace and the home.

This strap has the advantages of fast drying, high strength and strong stretching ability. The product is specially made of environmentally-friendly paper. In the production process, we adopt very exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that it does not fade. The paper strap can be offered with different colors including black, green, brown, etc. The paper strap is the most ideal natural product because it does not contain any bleach. And it's very easy to be dyed, which ensures a highly efficient manufacturing process. It is also highly durable and is easy to use, suitable for making crafts and being used for home decorations.

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