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Asun guarantees that the quality of our paper webbing is very reliable due to its enhanced density. This webbing has a highly delicate texture and its fibrous structure is very uniform and its surface contains absolutely no bleach for safe use. Moreover, its surface is sprayed with a special coating and has been subjected to precise multi-roll calendering. Therefore, the product is very resistant to mildew, moisture and dust. This paper webbing can be widely used in home textiles, bag handles or shoes or bags. It adopts a strong paper material that is environmentally-friendly, washable and recyclable. Due to its exquisite design and elegant appearance, it has a wide range of applications and is highly favored by many people.

The paper strip has a flat shape and adopts 100% pulp raw materials. Its normal width is 10-50mm and its surface is designed to be flat with a variety of textures. Due to its excellent tensile strength, it can even be used for packaging. And its impact and moisture resistance performance is also very outstanding. We can provide customers with the paper webbing in a single or mixed color if they provide us with the Pantos color they need. We can also offer a color chart for customers’ reference.

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