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The paper yarn made by Asun has its own unique advantages over ordinary or traditional yarn. This paper yarn has a wide range of applications. It can be used for the sewing of textile materials, tablecloths, flat cloths, garment accessories, socks, shirts or dresses, handicrafts, paper flowers, paper gifts, Buddhist supplies and shoe accessories. In addition, the paper yarn can also be used to make doll hair. We have a wide range of paper yarns and more than 90 colors of yarns for customers to choose from. The advantages of our paper yarn include environmental protection, cost-effective performance and recycling.

The paper yarn is degradable and breathable. It can be used for the crocheting of hats and for any personalized DIY project. And the tightly spun yarn is softer than other ribbon yarns. Due to its excellent softness and flexibility, this paper yarn is easy to weave or crochet and is not easy to break. The yarn delivers a perfect balance of strength and softness. Its roll style makes it easy to use. It is often used in the manufacturing of a variety of paper garments, which are extremely comfortable to wear. This high-strength paper yarn is ideal for making hats, bags, doormats, restaurant liners, gift wraps, coasters, home décor and insulated placemats.

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