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The paper products made by Asun are endowed with a fine and exquisite surface and a particularly soft and comfortable hand feeling. They are highly water resistant and breathable. And they also have particularly strong anti-mite and anti-mildew properties. They are often used in a variety of household items and works of art and are finely crafted, sleek and durable. Also, the color and luster of the products are outstanding. Their tensile and impact resistance are also surprisingly excellent. No matter how the user squeezes our products, they will not be torn or deformed. They are not easy to be deformed and are novel in style and firm in structure.

The products made from paper materials are elegant in color, beautiful in appearance, light in structure, delicate in design and tough in texture. They are all characterized by good tensile strength and high wear resistance and are made of environmentally-friendly paper materials, which are resistant to abrasion, strong in tension, odorless, and recyclable. Therefore, they have a wide range of applications and can be used for paper bags, gift bindings, and product packaging. In addition to packaging, the paper products are widely used in many fields such as furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, and auto parts.

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