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What are raw materials for paper rope production?
In our opinion, raw materials are the start of the finished products at the process of production. It is very important because it has an impact on the quality, the cost, and function of the finished product. We ensure that each in-material is from our reliable suppliers who has signed long-term cooperation contracts with us, and is well inspected by our QC team to be excellent basics for the manufacturing of paper rope . We are certainly sure that the raw materials used in our company top the industry and cost the least over other peers.
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Asun Paper Co., Ltd. is an advanced and leading paper cloth supplier. The twine string is one of the main products of Asun. The newly launched products by Asun were all completed by the internationally renowned design company. The product is strictly manufactured and has no color difference. It is rather safe for people. This product does not contain health-dangering elements, such as dioxin, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or formaldehyde. The product has an incredibly great elasticity.
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