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What standards are followed during wired paper cord production?
The production of paper cord not only meets industry standards, but also meets international standards. Strict standardized manufacturing processes promote safe operation and strict guarantee of products. Compared with other manufacturers, Asun Paper Co., Ltd. has strictly enforced its production procedures. This ensures a smooth production process from raw material selection to product profitability and efficient business performance.

Asun Paper Company is a export-oriented manufacturer of paper net bags. We provide professional design and production of paper net bags. According to the material, Asun Paper Company's products are divided into several categories, and bag handles wholesale is one of them. The product directs the light in a very specific way, ensuring there is no wasted light onto ceilings and walls where it is not required. The product has an incredibly great elasticity. Moving into the new century, Asun Paper Company remains fully committed to innovation. It is noted for its good breathability.

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