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Who to pay the freight of wired paper twine sample?
It depends on the value of the sample. Generally, Asun Paper Co., Ltd. will send free paper twine sample but the freight is charged by you. We always work with the most reliable courier company to deliver samples at an affordable price. Considering the long-term relationship development, we generally send free sample to customers with our good faith.

As an independent company, Asun Paper Company explore for, develop, manufacture, and sell paper bag clothing for many years. Now, we are an integrated enterprise in this industry. According to the material, Asun Paper Company's products are divided into several categories, and paper rope is one of them. Asun Paper Company wide paper ribbon creates a unique feeling on a scientific and reasonable basis. The product is characterized by light weight and variety. Thanks to EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology, the battery-free stylus with extremely high levels of pressure sensitivity provides a natural writing and drawing experience. It is noted for its good breathability.

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